Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Genealogy Research....

  I have been doing genealogy research on my multiple family lines for many years now, most of my research has been done online at websites like Ancestry, Family Search, USGenweb are a few of the more popular sites that I have used. I have searched many other sites and spent many hours at it, not always with results. I still haven't answered the main question in our family....Are the family tales of Indian Blood really true? Family lore has it that a few greats back grandpa was full blooded Cherokee and Grandma was full blooded Crow, whether true or not I still do not have the answer. 

I have found a few other family members I didn't know about like grandpa had been in a previous relationship before he married grandma, I am unsure whether he was married or not that first time around, but I did find out that the aunt that I thought was my grandpa and grandma's foster daughter was more than likely his daughter from that previous relationship, at least the dates all fit. 

Lately I haven't been doing much research, but what I have been doing has been in the 1940 censuses know available free to search at Family Search, and available at Ancestry, along with all the US census records from 1790 through 1940, they will be available for free starting today through September 3rd, Labor day. To visit the censuses at Ancestry follow this link:

I have recently connected with a family member through the Find a Grave website. This was a great experience. I was doing some research on one of my Great-Grandfather's siblings (he had 16 of them of which 15 grew to adulthood)  and I found his grave site information on Find a Grave, I had previously researched this info here with no results on this particular family member, (that being said it does pay to return to previously searched sites and look up those names again as more info is constantly being added). The information had been submitted by a _Anderson, I just automatically assumed that this person was the son/grandson of the brother I was researching. It took me a couple of days to work up my courage to email this unknown Anderson, but I finally did and when I received an email back I found that the gentleman I was in contact with was another one of the 16 sibling's, a different brother to my G-Grandpa, son and that he had been trying to make contact with the children of the sibling I was researching at the time.

Well, I am going to have to end this here and come back to more genealogy research information again soon. I have to be at work soon and I really would rather stay home and work on cards and other projects. I signed up for a technique swap and  I am in the middle of working on that project and planning a few classes/ workshop projects. I can do the planning at work in between things, so we will see how productive I will be. 

Ihope you all enjoy this post, it is a bit long, sometimes I get carried away but I hope you will read through to the end.


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