Sunday, January 26, 2014


This is probably one of my most annoying habits....for those who aren't organized. I love to organize and am always trying to better my storage system. Currently I am totally loving the Stampin' Up! Wood Mount Stamp cases, you can purchase four full size cases for 6.95 and four half size cases for 5.95. I do like the Clear mount also for a few items, but the large wood mount are by far the most versatile. I am also a fan of the decorative boxes you can purchase from Michael's or Joann's for storage. 
My top challenges for storage solutions currently are punch storage (it has to have the ability to travel well), Ribbon storage (I prefer to have it all one spot verses what I currently have multiple locations) and finished product I haven't used, given away or sold, all though maybe I should also mention the projects I have started and not finished (usually because I don't like how it is turning out).

Do you have any solutions for these items that you are excited about? Leave me a message I would love some input.

Have a wonderful week!

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